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Transform your ideas into reality at an accelerated pace with our comprehensive solutions.

We use reliable and efficient software development technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things to provide our clients with powerful tech solutions that help them stay on top of the competition.

Software Development

The scarcity of skilled software developers worldwide is no secret. Trust our proficient staff to create tailored software solutions for your company. With the flexibility to work according to your time zone and integrate with your existing processes, we bring years of experience in quick and efficient software development.

Software Testing & QA

We understand the criticality of software testing and QA in tandem with development. Enlist our staff to support not only the development phase but also various testing types, including manual and automated testing. Enhance your team’s productivity and efficiency through our diligent and experienced professionals.

Outsourced QA & Testing

Our IT service also extends to outsourced QA with two distinct business models. In the time and materials model, our QA staff collaborates with your team for the required duration. In the fixed price model, we meticulously test the agreed-upon functionalities and promptly report any quality defects that arise.

Outsourced Developers

Our IT service offers outsourced software developers with two flexible business models. Choose the time and materials model, where our experts work alongside your team until the project’s completion. Alternatively, opt for the fixed bid model, where we deliver the project within the agreed-upon timeline and budget.

Constant Status Updates & Reports

Collaboration is key, and we ensure complete transparency throughout the project. With daily updates and weekly progress reports, you’ll have real-time insights into our work’s alignment with budget and timelines. We continuously strive to improve reporting methods across all our projects, valuing effective communication.


Software Development Technologies


We use Java for developing a wide range of applications, from web and mobile apps to desktop software and enterprise systems.


As the language supports both the procedural and object-oriented programming paradigms, it can be used to develop a wide range of solutions, including websites and web applications, desktop GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications, automation scripts, games, and more.

.NET Development

As an experienced .NET development company, we carefully choose between multitier, microservices, and cloud-based architecture types, to make sure that it will perfectly suit the needs of a particular application.


We are one of the companies that uses C/C++ in many areas — from low-level system programming, such as the creation of device drivers and development for embedded systems, to high-level STL and Qt programming for creating desktop applications and rich UI.


Our PHP development team creates highly-scalable, robust web solutions ranging from dynamic web pages to complex ERP systems and applications.


Being a top software development company we have successfully implemented a great number of C# projects of different complexity and for various industries.


Working on outsourcing and outstaffing models our Javascript developers generate high-quality code and ensure fast completion of the project.


Kotlin language is known for being an ideal technology for the development of Android solutions.


Our expertise covers various aspects of software development, software testing, and quality assurance.

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